How to Order
ACC Trading Co.  ==  Used Car Exporter in Kitakyushu, Japan

Japanese used cars from Japan's most reliable used car exporter (Fukuoka)

1:  Select your Cars

Browse through our extensive database of cars in stock, or simply contact us with details of your requested cars. For models not already in stock, we have various resources for fulfilling your order:

  • Extensive network of Japanese car dealer contacts
  • Purchase of cars directly from the owners (cars are serviced and overhauled before export)
  • Careful research of models available from Japanese automobile auctions

2:  Receive your Cost Estimate

Once your requested cars have been located, we will send you a Proforma Invoice by fax with full details of your order. Please confirm your acceptance of the invoice details by signing the invoice and faxing it back to us here at your earliest convenience. We will then reserve your ordered cars for you.

3:  Make a Deposit

For your order to be confirmed, we also require a remittance of JPY50,000 (¥, Japanese yen) as deposit by Telegraphic Transfer (T.T.). In certain circumstances a deposit of 50% of the order total may be required. We can also accept advance payment for the full amount by Telegraphic Transfer, in order to reduce remittance charges.

4:  We make a Freight Booking

Once your deposit is confirmed we will immediately book the shipping vessel, and inform you of shipment details.

5:  Make the Balance of Payment

The balance of payment (any costs not previously covered in the deposit payment) should then be remitted to our account, by Telegraphic Transfer (T.T.).
* When advance payment covered 100% of the total order cost, this stage is omitted.

6:  Loading and Shipping of Cars

Once the final payment has been confirmed, your vehicle will be shipped on the next available vessel.

7:  Transfer of Shipping Documents

Shipping documents will then be forwarded to you as expediently as possible. These documents will typically include:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading
  • Insurance Policy
  • Temporary Export De-registration Certificate/Export Certificate
  • Temporary Export De-registration Certificate/Export Certificate (English version)

8:  Your Order Arrives

Your requested cars arrive at port, where you will be ready and waiting to offload your new stock.


1: Select your Cars

2: Cost Estimate

3: Make a Deposit

4: Booking

5: Balance of Payment*

6: Loading

7: Transfer of Shipping Documents

8: Your Order Arrives



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Japanese used cars from Japan's most reliable used car exporter (Fukuoka)
Japanese used cars from Japan's most reliable used car exporter (Fukuoka)

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